WD8282882 3-D HDTV

Being single on Valentine's Day comes with one boozy of a perk: No one can talk you out of buying the largest 3-D HDTV on the planet-and you will decide to buy this 82-inch Boob Tube as soon as you see it in action.The DLP display is 4-feet tall and 6-feet wide,making it massive enough to show nearly life size NHL fights,while 16 speakers arrayed across it's base,produce a wall of sound.That's as impressive as the screen.This model lag-free refresh rate is a 1,000 times faster than a conventional LCD screen.Like all 3-D HDTV's you have to those goofy goggles and supply your own 3-D content via a compatible cable box or 3-D Blu-ray Disc Player.

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