A Bentley Continental GT in Daly City, California.
Bentley has restyled it's Continental GT for 2011.But what's the really been restyled it's a Bentley driver.
The car use to be the quintessentially British chariot Queen Elizabeth II and 007 in the Ian Fleming novels.

Today Bentley owner is more gangsta. Fabulous drive a Bentley.Out on the road,there's nothing street
about a new Continental GT.The cockpits  holds not so much a driver's seat as a throne.The richly finished
wood-paneled interior,with it's aromatic hides and polished stainless fittings,resembles something on a yacht.
Nothing this size on the road accelerates with Bentley's creamy,private-jet-like surge.The uniquely engineered
W12 engine can trust this behemoth from zero to 60 in 4.4 seconds.The latest GT even has more horse power
(up to 15 to 567)and 50 percent faster shifting from the six-speed ZF manumatic.With a wider track and 143 fever pounds,the handling is even more magnificent.The base price is $189,900-a pittance if you can make it rain.
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