The 2k11 Eddie Bauer Airstream travel trailer brings the best parts to the great outdoors-transforming any gravel  campsite into a well-appointed  studio apartment.
And so even the RV basics-queen-size bed,dinette,pantry,stove and refrigerator, sport and urban sheen.Maple and soapstone laminates,quilted fabrics and goose down-pillows,anyone?But that doesn't mean it's too fancy to handle the elements.Large Michelin tires ensure that traction never lost when navigating sloppy rural roads,and the dining area collapses to provide more room to stash action gear such as bikes, kayaks.The nearly 26-foot-long trailer steeps up to four people,and a standard SUV or pickup truck should suffice to haul it across the country.Go get lost on the open road already.
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