"Understanding the Way Blogger Templates Work"," These are great marketing tools for businesses specifically directed at promoting products or services. 
 The first things you will need are blogger templates. 
 There are hundreds of free templates available online with lots of colorful designs that will give you a rather difficult time in choosing just one. 

The Internet is full of free blogger templates for all kinds of businesses and industries. 
 Free blogger templates can also be customized according to your needs. 
 The header is the first thing the reader will look at because it is where the title of the blog can found. 

The next thing to consider is the navigation. 
 The design can include deciding on the number of columns, adding videos or even images. 
 There are those, however, who choose a three-column design template because it provides more functionality as well as space for added details. 

With free blogger templates, loading time is the number one consideration. 
 If you plan on using these, make sure that you are versed enough to know how they work, otherwise it can drastically affect your design and make it unsightly. 
 Even if these are already included in the template, do remember that you do not need all of them. 
 The rule of thumb is to choose two or three of those you will need most. 
 This should be fast as well as efficient. 

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