I snagged this spicy pork meatball recipe for you! Many recipe of your choice of ball,sauce and side (pasta? white beans? )

                                                             SPICY MEAT BALLS

                            2 lbs.ground pork shoulder
                            1 1/2 tbsp.salt
                            4 hot cherry peppers,minced
                           1/2 cup pepper pickling liquid
                            4 slices white bread,minced
                                                     3 eggs
                                               2 tbsp.olive oil

      1.Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
      2 Combine all ingredients except oil in a large
          bowl and mix thoroughly by hand.
      3. Drizzle oil into large (nine-by-13-inch)
          baking dish,making sure to evenly coat surface
      4. Roll the mixture into golf-ball-size balls,packing firmly                                                              
      5. place balls in a baking dish in  a grid so each touches the ones around it.
      6. Roast until  firm,about 14 minutes
      7. Allow to cool for five minutes, then serve with tomato, meat,
          Parmesan cream,pesto sauce or mushroom  gravy      .



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