An advanced point-and shoot's balance of versatility and simplicity makes it an ideal camera to have around the office.This one is the upcoming FujiFilm FinePix F550EXR  witch should become available in mid-March.

The aspiring pro's choice is a D-SLR.This one is Cannon's EOS60D with an 18-135mm IS
If your'r serious about photography as a hobby or avocation in your off hours,consider a compact system can with interchangeble lenses such as the Olympus PEN E-PL1

A compact point-to-shoot has the undeniable advantage of portability,so it can always be with you when you need it.Here's a new Nikon CoolPix S8 100 

Don't forget to invest in a protective carrying case to guard against knock and scrapes,plus a lens cleaning product recommended by your camera's  manufacturer.Also,pick up a few fast memory cards.The faster a card can save photos,the quicker the camera will be ready to take follow-up shots.

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