The best blog software allows you to harness the power of the Internet and throw your thoughts,dreams,ideas and various other post, literally around the world.
 You can even start an online business empire simply using the best blog software properly.
What other generation was able to do the same with such an ease?But before the conquest of the online world,you have the right blogging software for your purposes.

             This article will cover

 Which type is the best blog software for you.
 Self hosting vs.Free hosting
 The benefits and drawbacks of both types of blogging software
 Examples of blogging software

Which type or blogging software is right for you?
The first thing you should ask yourself before deciding what is the best blogging software is.
Are you gonna be a casual blogger that likes everything done for them?
Or are you a more serious blogger who would like to make money and have the ability to customize your blog?
There are benefits and drawbacks to both "free blogging services" and "blogging software" that you host on your own.
Examples of free hosting services for blogging.

 Benefits of free blogging services:

The service provides easy to use,point and click formats and templates that are "ready made".
The blogging service has a great staff behind him,then you can go to them for No charge for technical help with your blog host.
(Hence free hosting)
Have name brand behind them and thus give your blog post a little clout in the search engines.
Examples of software that you host on your own blog:
WorldPress org.<i>(This is different than the other WorldPress with the free blog service)expression engine text pattern mobile benefits type of software that you host on your own blog:Huge flexibility and customization capabilities with plug-ins and templates.
(As you'll see it can require a tiny bit more work,but still simple and the upside is huge.)Ability to make your blog look like a static website.
Since your hosting on your own server,you have full control of your blog.
It will not be pulled down for various reasons(i.and frowned upon marketing tactics.)
In my opinion,and according to experts on the Web,WordPress org./the one that you host on your own,/ is easily the best blog software and is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of quality,ease of use and flexibility.
Plus can not stand on the blogging format together.
You can use WordPress to create impressive websites as well.
With templates,you can literally a great blog.
Plus utilizing the potential of their free plugins,you can seriously turn your WordPress site into a internet powerhouse.

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