One of the first questions,especially when a new blog, it": I should a blog or a blog I paid I've".?First,what a blog is a blog,and you paid what?A blog,as the name suggest,is a blog,you can set up-free sites like Blogger  allows you you to set up a blog for free(just filling out a simple form that takes less than 5minutes,and then you can blog start from here)

However,for paid blog,in order to set up one,you need to get 2 things-Domain name(this is your,net.,me.,ect.,...)and hosting(to contain the files related to your blog)
Then you can install the blogging platform(Wordpress using many) out on your hosting server(I do not want the complexity of how to create a paid here in this blog post go)

If you are new to blogging, witch one should you opt for?
In this post,I am going to show you the pros and the cons of each /free blog vs.paid blog/so as to help you decide witch one is better for you.
Free blog- Pro is free! /as the name":blog", he says,is to create completely free/ easy to install (you must stay with the blog template.Some design have) non commercial use (particularly for the free Wordpress blog-you are not entitled to promotion/sale of product and services with a Wordpress blog other wise your risk your blog being deleted.)
Ads on your blog(by your free blog provider),and some of the ads may not be relevant to the topic witch your blog is about-thus making it look unprofessional.)
Paid blog:
Highly customizable
Can use for marketing purposes
More professional ( in that the address to your blog is a,net. and that you can customize the entire blog such that it is very professional looking ).
Cost (in the domain name/witch cost approximately $10 every year),as well as hosting (witch cost less than$10 per month,depending on the service you choose)
Complexity in setting up a professional blog(if you are not technically inclined,you may need to get someone to help you set it up)
After looking through the pros and cons of a free blog vs. paid blog.I would recommend that,if you are looking to set up this blog for marketing purposes and built up your reputation in the  niche that you are intending to go  in to,I would suggest that you opt for a paid blog.
The reason is that-although it can be a bit-complicated to create one(in customizing it so that the -whole blog look professional),but after setting up and more (you can always confide-entire installation process,anyone blog)
Another for a small fee if you that you do not have the technical competence to do so,to gain the potential,if you have blog pays feel is much more than a blog.

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