The E-Type catapulted Britain's Jaguar into the modern era.It appeared just before The Beatles,one might say:it launched a British invasion.Toiling in the precomputer era.

British aerodinamicist Malcolm Stayer painstakingly devised the thousands of mathematical calculation necessary to model the E-Type's 150-mph shape.With a stiletto-like a silhouette,it had specifications to match,such as fully independent suspensions,a tightly drown monocoque body shell and snarling 265-bph three-carburetor,twin-cam 3.8-liter six cylinder,paired with a four-speed manual and disc brakes adopted from Jaguar's Le-Mans-winning D-type.Sure footed and tractable,the E-Type hammered contemporary rivals and rocketed Jag from an ' interesting' specialist sports-car purveyor to a world-class competitor.The best, simply-est and most beautiful E-Type was the Series-1.Jaguar has never built a better model..
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